Well, uh, I don't mean to end this simfile stuffs, but due to my old laptop was broken (and now working on the new one -- which is have to install ALL the things needed), this simfile collection blog is put on hiatus in indefinite time, until I can making simfile like usual. Thank you for your attention.

May 13th, 2016
Megumi Xephia

About & Site Rules

Hello and welcome to ♪ DJMAX BEST SELECTION ♪. This website is fully managed by me, Megumi Xephia.
Here will be posted all my simfiles from DJMAX series (non-DJMAX series can be found at ★ XEPHILIA ★).

  • All difficulties are rated with old DDR scale (1-10). DON'T ASK ME TO RATE WITH THE NEW SCALE (1-20), I'm suck to rate with it and hate to re-rating it.
  • I might updating this collection blog often, because of many reasons. Please kindly understand.
  • Some old released simfiles are still created using StepMania 3.9 or 3.9+, but starting September 11, 2015, all newly released simfiles and revamped charts will using StepMania 5.0. It might contains modifiers that can only be read with StepMania 5.0. To avoid crashing or bug problems, I recommend you to use StepMania 5.0 release and above to play the new stuffs.
  • Comments are welcome, as long is still on-topic, and please use good English while commenting. Me and most of visitors might not understand if you use your native language.
  • Please comment if you're find the dead links or missing files so I can reupload them.
  • Exclusive to this website, there are no PIU charts will be made here.

By downloading simfiles from this website, you are agree to these rules:

  1. Re-sharing all contents are strongly forbidden. It's against piracy.
  2. Don't ever claim all the works here are belongs to you. Please, respect all the hardwork to deliver the best simfile to enjoy.
  3. You can use the mp3, official images (if there's available) or video materials to create your own version of the simfile. Please don't use the images that exclusively edited to fit (especially old-styled banners, custom backgrounds or custom jackets if available).
  4. Slightly modified the charts and later re-sharing it as yours are strongly forbidden. I might lose interest of sharing simfiles if I found this stuff somewhere.

Thank you and enjoy!

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