Well, uh, I don't mean to end this simfile stuffs, but due to my old laptop was broken (and now working on the new one -- which is have to install ALL the things needed), this simfile collection blog is put on hiatus in indefinite time, until I can making simfile like usual. Thank you for your attention.

May 13th, 2016
Megumi Xephia

Friday, September 11, 2015

Wait, hiatus for 2 years?!

Hi everyone! I'm back again to have an important announcement right here and there...
Because I've been busy with my college works (and sometimes laziness comes, lol), I decided to relive this simfile collections! Yaaaay~~~ *throws confetti*
This post might be super long, so please pay attention to read this first.


As stated here before, I won't updating or adding any songs that originated from DJMAX TECHNIKA 3 anymore, but I still provide songs that originated from these:

  • The older series (from the PC version up to TECHNIKA TUNE. Songs from PORTABLE 3 are still counts although some later was crossovered to TECHNIKA 3)
  • Metro Projects (Clazziquai Edition, Black Square, Trilogy)
  • Spin-offs (DJMAX RAY and TECHNIKA Q)

Well, first thing to do is removing unnecessary tags, and leaving only the games originate from (For example, "Sweet Shining Shooting Star" appears first on Black Square, but crossovered to Trilogy and TECHNIKA 1, so this song will just tagged on Black Square category instead tagging to all of them). Then I should remove the Tap Sonic tag because it's unrelated to DJMAX series (lol why I don't realize this sooner...), to keep this blog collection is fully DJMAX related, not Pentavision or Neowiz Games related things (for exception "SuperSonic" and it's remix because they were debuted on TECHNIKA 1 & 2 as playable songs, although from S4 League [an online first-person shooting game] ).

Second is revamping the quality of stepcharts or add some missing charts like Challenge charts (except TECHNIKA 3 songs), adding the respective videos if necessary, and because now I'm permanently using StepMania 5 as the main base of creating simfiles, I might add some gimmicks like scroll tricks (more gimmicks is still on the way of learning it, anyway). Oh, and take a note that I'm never make a Beginner chart in any of my works. Sorry.

Third, I'm still looking for a handful stepmaker (I'm not limiting these to all pros, but newbies that still start stepmaking is also fine), so all collections will not get "dead" for indefinite time again like before. I'd asked one of my friend but he's got a problem -- his laptop was broken and still not get the replacement yet... so I might looking for another  stepmaker, I think...

Last but not the least, before I forgot and to clear all people's common questions, I'm NOT adding songs from Beatcraft Cyclon and it's PlayStation Vita upcoming port SUPERBEAT XONiC right here. It might be added to the another site, since it's totally not related to DJMAX (although most of ex-Pentavision's in-house artists were also contributing there). Also, it's produced by Nurijoy. Not to mean I'm racist against developers, but again, this is for DJMAX simfiles, as this blog title said. Simple as that, right?

Well, I think that's all I have to say for this announcement.
Stay tuned for more future updates! :)