Well, uh, I don't mean to end this simfile stuffs, but due to my old laptop was broken (and now working on the new one -- which is have to install ALL the things needed), this simfile collection blog is put on hiatus in indefinite time, until I can making simfile like usual. Thank you for your attention.

May 13th, 2016
Megumi Xephia

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


First things first, sorry for almost a year to having no updates of this website.
I lost all my usual fonts and cannot download them again, it slow down all the progress of my simfiles (including on the other site too).

Since DJMAX TECHNIKA 3 is going to shutdown today, this website will no longer provides you all simfiles from the series. Also I'm not sure if I can make a simfiles from TECHNIKA Q as the exchange, since it's really hard to find and so far there's no OST discs to be announced for release (or may be not), all I have to do is ripping the mp3 from YouTube video.

Once again sorry for super long delay, and have a great New Year 2014! :D

P.S: it's around 5-10 minutes here to 12 A.M. so here's still December 31st.